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A propos de moi

General Jean Jacque Alfred Mouton  

My Name is Denis R. Mouton,

I was born in Lafayette, Louisiana.  I am a “Louisiana Cajun”.  My
grandfather, my
mother and one of  her sisters, my Aunt Isa, were
very artistically talented.

All of them left our families with lots of beautiful and treasured

art work.     

My grandfather, Valdemar (Val) Smith (my mother’s father)

designed the General Mouton Statue in Lafayette. 

As a civil engineer, he contributed greatly to the development

of the City of Lafayette.

He was City Engineer for the City of Lafayette for 12 years

and helped develop
many public and private projects.

ne of his very interesting projects - the design of the General Alfred Mouton Statue, stands in front of

Lafayette City Hall today.   He was given a
bust portrait of General Mouton with approximate dimensions
and height
from which to work. From the bust portrait the design and drawings were made up

and drawn to life-size scale.  
Using his imagination, his ingenuity, and his artistic talent, my

grandfather "made up" General Mouton from the waist down, boots included in his design.  

General Mou
ton, a Confederate General died in the Battle of Mansfield on April 8, 1864

protecting Shreveport, the 
capital of Confederate Louisiana.

General Mouton was my great grandfather, five generations back.